There are direct messages in Near social. So we can easily introduce messages between NEAR accounts and even attach some tokens there.


Nice idea.
It would be nice to be able to send a message to a NEAR account (via an onchain app potentially) and being able to read them and answer them from here.

@marcelo In theory any dapp with near account through mastodon api can send a dm here. May need a backend so your api keys are not exposed. @zavodil maybe try it with tipbot to send dms

@marcelo yeah my idea was to create a mailbox contract, dapp will send messages to that contract (say “your nft has been sold”). Near social will check that mailbox and automatically notify user. Another approach is to introduce a parameter ‘receiver_accoound_id’ and ‘message’ so will be able just to scan all indexer transactions and ping corresponding users. Those messages will be free, but anti-spam system will be needed

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