Social06 cannibalized by social08. RIP

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The rewards per 1000$ are the following (at the time of the post):

Now we can multiply BRRR by estimated price and divide by 1000$ to get farming APY and then add supply APY and subtract borrow APY.

DAI -> 3.99 BRRR -> 250% APY
USDT -> 3.65 -> 228% APY
USDC -> 3.31 -> 208% APY
WBTC -> 8.33 -> 523% APY
NEAR -> 7.96 -> 501% APY
STNEAR -> 9.11 -> 574% APY
ETH -> 7.76 -> 487% APY

The only thing left to fold it a few times

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For similar lending projects (even without utility for the token), the ratio of TVL to the circulating market cap of the gov token is 0.185. See AAVE, Compound, Venus, Justlend, Benqi, Maple.

With 15M BRRR rewards in the first month and $140M current TVL, the potential $BRRR price gets around $1.72 per token.

We can now compute the farming reward in BRRR per $1000 of folded value per asset (borrowed and resupplied back into collateral) and subtract the APY paid

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Once burrow is live on NEAR mainnet, it will allow an interesting pattern of investing.

Burrow liquidations minimize the discount a user pays through the game theory of getting it first by competing liquidators. Read more here:

Details below

There are direct messages in Near social. So we can easily introduce messages between NEAR accounts and even attach some tokens there.

Which feature should we implement first in the Near.Social dApps catalog? -social

Hey I'm Vadim, a big fan of decentralization and community-driven products. I enjoy building and supporting NEAR dApps, I currently work for NEAR & Proximity.

Mobile app works great! Just download mastodon app from the store, select ‘’ server and use credentials from

This service is a really awesome feature for anonymous contract deployment. Communication and community building has became much easier.

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