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Please add a profile picture and maybe a change your display name.

Also make sure to enable "Suggest account to others" in your profile settings, so other people could find you.

Mastodon instance is moving from root domain of to

The root domain will be used for a decentralized social data protocol previously called social08.

Please join for discussions

I’m thinking sunsetting this mastodon instance of near social in favor of fully onchain implementation. All data (except for posts) can be migrated. The post history will be in a snapshot, but not necessary moved. The current ruby implementation is too hard to modify and doesn’t offer native flexibility and openweb integration. It also lacks decentralization which will hit us eventually.

Made a zkSNARK “Hello world” program with verifier as a smart-contract on NEAR Protocol. link with full instruction how to build & deploy

Gas usage ~ 140Tgas, can be optimized more than that, but I think even this is good.

Now it’s time to implement “proof of set membership” with merkle tree component on a NEAR 😉

@mob any thoughts on this ?)

🚀 Всё об играх на Near Protocol.
👥 Давай играть в месте
✈ Ру - собщество в телеграмм

@mob here is the live demo:

It may take some time to fetch your txs if there are too many! already have an idea to download faster the recent txs so we can get faster feedback.

Guys, please vote! Do you think cool gambling projects should be available as NEAR dApp? I have been working in the near-gambling industry for more than 10 years, and to be honest, it seems to me that such projects are very lacking in the ecosystem - they could attract new users and a lot of money!

step 1:
looking to privatize NEAR.Social to promote freedom of speech.

Should we open registration to Near Social?

DAI deposit APY (12%) on Burrow is 5% higher than USDC borrow APY (7%).

REF finance offers stable swap for DAI->USDC.

DEIP Token sale is live on Skyward Finance.

Use my referral link to get 0.5% more DEIP tokens when you buy:

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