What’s cool social network for image NFTs on near? Link in comments

Amazing content from Exverse on how to organically grow community, for Russian speaking founders: thewiki.io/AMA_Exverse

🚀 Всё об играх на Near Protocol.
👥 Давай играть в месте
✈ Ру - собщество в телеграмм


Which feature should we implement first in the Near.Social dApps catalog? -social

I'm Marcelo, previously NEAR Core Engineer, and Rainbow Bridge 🌈 developer, currently hacking on Aurora as a lead of the protocol team.

I speak Spanish 🇨🇺 🇪🇸 and still enjoy participating in programming competitions.

Looking forward to connect with more members of NEAR ecosystem.

I am Sasha, and I building a community of founders who help each other to launch successful projects on NEAR, check it out: humanguild.io

I hope this social network will also focus on building a culture of helping each other and providing useful insights to others


Social network for NEAR ecosystem