Folding 2-4x on Aurigami and Bastion up to 80% can boost your rewards quite a bit while still maintaining IL

But I'm no @mob so DYOR 😅

Hey all...

So...this Thursday I'm doing a Sound & Vision Installation DJ thing on Tama Island in NEARHub...

Sound & Vision DJ Installation by ZEITWARP featuring vibrant Nu-Jazz Grooves & Psychedelic CryptoArt Visuals

2pm EST / 7pm UTC/GMT / 8PM CET

Link will be at:

If you are looking to get an APR on your NEAR without exposing much to other tokens, there are 3 options:
1) Simple staking delegation, earning about 11.5% (compounded)
2) Staking to aurora pool, earning 16.9% (linearly)
3) Staking to metapool and farming stNEAR/wNEAR at 16.25% (mixed)
4) Stake to metapool, deposit STNEAR to Burrow, borrow NEAR, repeat. ~14.66% after 2 loops

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