I'll be speaking on @the_auction_io space in just under an hour [3pm UTC/ 11am EST] about conceptual 1/1 on NEAR....and details of my piece
for the Auction's NFT airdrop...and maybe a little bit about my pirate radio station in @NEARHub_online


Thnx to AVB (is he on here?) for inviting me on the Wild User podcast this week

Deep dives into being a Near exclusive conceptual cryptoartist...the current NFT landscape on Near, teenage crushes on Camus, Sartre, Pollock, Joe Strummer & Paul Simonon, alternative perspectives on Nostalgia & Significance...some philosophy, history & politics...Boomers vs Boomerism....and managing to avoid success as a bitcoin maxi in 2014..


TL:DR (listen)....😀 👍

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Just a Near NFT projected onto the Berlin skyline...

Probably nothing

Just a Near NFT projected onto the Berlin skyline...

Probably nothing

So...looks like my entry for the Near Foundation Liberal Arts challenge in the METABUILD Hackathon is a "winner"...

You can read about "The Future of the Web?..You Decide" on the Hackathon page:


Now just got to find somewhere on Near that can mint an 85Mb MP4...

it's on YouTube atm...(watch in HD !)...and my personal Arweave drive

Work in progress from the next evolution of the GLITCH BREAKS series..."Bb Minor IV"

9 x Fractionalised "samples" from the physical MUSIC GRAFFITI painting are manipulated into visual stems...that are then mixed together to make a 4 second burst video "track".

An audio sample is then added to each track - in this case a bass synth loop in BB Minor.

Sound On !

Hey all...

So...this Thursday I'm doing a Sound & Vision Installation DJ thing on Tama Island in NEARHub...

Sound & Vision DJ Installation by ZEITWARP featuring vibrant Nu-Jazz Grooves & Psychedelic CryptoArt Visuals

2pm EST / 7pm UTC/GMT / 8PM CET

Link will be at:


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