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Should we open registration to Near Social?

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We just created a bounty program in Aurora.

Looking forward to meet engineers willing to contribute and get rewarded for that. If you are interested please ping me.

For now we just have one task. But feel free to explore open issues on Aurora repositories/ecosystem and ping me to open a bounty on those.

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Every asset can be folded multiple times based on the collateral factor. Every fold just multiplies your APY.

So the maximum farming APY after folding are:

DAI -> 2,565% APY
USDT -> 2,346% APY
USDC -> 2,134% APY
WBTC -> 1,196% APY
NEAR -> 1,146% APY
STNEAR -> 1,125% APY
ETH -> 1,114% APY

Happy farming!

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what's your input on Bastion? they removed the "loyalty" criteria but is it too late? 🧐

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yeet im on near social (and back on that mastodon wave shout out to 2019 me!)

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If you are looking to get an APR on your NEAR without exposing much to other tokens, there are 3 options:
1) Simple staking delegation, earning about 11.5% (compounded)
2) Staking to aurora pool, earning 16.9% (linearly)
3) Staking to metapool and farming stNEAR/wNEAR at 16.25% (mixed)
4) Stake to metapool, deposit STNEAR to Burrow, borrow NEAR, repeat. ~14.66% after 2 loops

Degen army is looking for more people!

Degen army is a guild of elite social media soldiers who are dedicated to the Near Ecosystem and work for a single purpose: use your skills to take the NEAR by storm!

What are the requirements?
1. Twitter account
2. Experience using Reddit.
3. Excellent knowledge about the Near Protocol ecosystem.

Do you think you've got what it takes? Fill out his form:

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Please reply with the suggestions on how to improve @zavodil keeps adding cool new features, but what would make you post more frequently, what can make you check it more often?

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Once burrow is live on NEAR mainnet, it will allow an interesting pattern of investing.

Burrow liquidations minimize the discount a user pays through the game theory of getting it first by competing liquidators. Read more here:

Details below

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hi everyone my name is cudam, i am part of the degen army. i love trying new things and love what you guys are doing, please keep these amazing stuffs coming! 🥰

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