Here is an idea of a project that I recently started to build. A lightweight explorer that doesn't use any other backend than a NEAR nodes. It allows you to explore all txs initiated from a single account.

This is a preview about how it looks like

Here is the source code:

The most exciting feature for me however; is creating an on-chain registry that allows me to understand the content of a tx; and display better information for it. Wether it is an NFT transfer; a near land interaction; a berryclub farming action or a swap in ref finance. Building this registry as a community would be great;

While thinking of this; not only this mini-explorer can used this registry; but also other explorers; off-chain apps and most importantly wallets that are making you sign nearly opaque information.

However having a common registry requires an standard! Before jumping into developing a NEP; I'd love to get your input on this.

Here is a first iteration:

@mob here is the live demo:

It may take some time to fetch your txs if there are too many! already have an idea to download faster the recent txs so we can get faster feedback.

@marcelo What I'm missing in the current explorers is receiving transactions. E.g. receiving FT transfer from someone else


@mob yeah; that ain’t easy to do; but I have some idea.

The basic idea of how it works is that I do binary search finding the blocks where the nonces in your access key changes! Meaning that a tx was done from your account.

Ofc this means that you will only see txs signed by you; I plan to handle separately ft receivals; but in a similar way: tracking balance changes.

Notice that this explorer doesn’t use any other backend than a near rpc endpoint.

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